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Atoma BFF

Best Friends Forever bookletAtoma BFFDreammachine Kids developed a new product for Atoma, that was sampled in the sCoolbox sample-boxes targeted at 12 year old kids, at the end of the 6th grade school year.The small notebooks contained a number of questions to be filled in by the ‘Best Friends Forever’ of the children. This way […]

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Cover toolHUMODreammachine built an application which allowed Humo-readers to create their own Humo-covers, all in the well-known Humo look & feel. They could upload, resize and crop photos, integrate text and titles in several typos and sizes… Whatever they needed to make their own personal Humo cover. The covers where published and the public could […]

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Missie MiddelkerkeJommekeDreammachine expanded the universe of the comic strip hero Jommeke including audio-visual content. We created a book-trailer movie and a complete video-marketing campaign for its new album, ‘Missie Middelkerke’. Also we composed original music, to make the trailer appealing for 7 to 9 year old kids, and to add a touch of suspense to […]

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